Lesson learned during Ida, right?! Generators up for grabs!

Auction Dates: Thursday | September 30th | 8am
Preview: Wednesday, September 29th | 9am to 4pm
Location: 135 Milton Ave. Ripley, Tennessee 38063
Inquiry: Questions? Call 800-850-2252 or 225-686-2252
Listings Details:

Henderson Auctions has been commissioned to liquidate surplus industrial, electrical, pumps and pump parts, and construction items. Over 1200 Lots and consignments are accepted. Questions? Call: Eagle Shaw 225.431.0544 **8am Auction Starts due to the amount of lots**

East of Mississippi River Account Manager: Eagle Shaw 225.431.0544 | eagle@hendersonauctions.com
West of Mississippi River Account Manager: Kurt Sonnier 225.363.8778 | kurt@hendersonauctions.com
National and Government Account Manager: Jason Bush 225.431.0542 | jason@hendersonauctions.com


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