7 Reasons To Sell Your Surplus Equipment at Auction

If you have ever considered selling items at auction but still haven't committed to the idea below are a few reasons to help with your decision.

  • Quick Turnaround. An auction is immediate. It's quick and efficient and you will receive your check in 14 business days. 
  • No Hassle. If you are trying to sell an item yourself, its your responsibility to "show" the item and coordinate with potential buyers, at auction we handle all that for you.
  • Drop the Insurance. If you are selling a vehicle you can drop the insurance and turn in the tags as soon as it arrives on our auction yard.
  • Comprehensive Marketing. Henderson Auctions covers all the cost of advertising and marketing your piece of equipment reaching domestic and international buyers.
  • Buyers come Prepared to Buy. Auction goers come prepared to spend some strategically study the market and items they want to purchase, others are impulsive buyers.
  • No Negotiations. There is no haggling over price or merchandise.
  • Auctions Work Well in Both Good and Bad Economic Times. People love auctions, because they love sales. Statistics show, in a good or bad economy auctions remain a steady force.

Taking consignments Now for your 3-Day Summer Public Auction
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Call 800-850-2252 or 225-686-2252 with any questions about auction fees and the entire auction process, we would love to speak with you!
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